Enabling computers of the future


We believe that integrated photonics provide the key to unlock the next era of computing, by removing the boundaries electronic systems face today.


The speed of electronic signals is limited. Base CPU clock rates have already peaked 10 years ago. Photonic signals can be modulated almost arbitrarily fast, which has already revolutionized communication systems. It's time to do the same with computing.


Computing operations between light waves are coherent. Creating a light pulse, reading out the computation and reprogramming the chip electronically are the only tasks consuming power, which can lead to drastically lower energy cost for many algorithms.

CMOS compatible

Phononic integrated circuits can be fabricated in the same foundries that make electronic ICs. Even better, the size of photonic components means that older nodes can be repurposed to produce state-of-the-art photonic ICs.


Instead of discrete binary levels, information in photonic circuits is encoded continuously onto the properties of lightwaves. That way, a computation completes when a pulse of light has travelled through the chip.



Samarth Vadia
CEO, Co-Founder


Jonathan Foerste
CTO, Co-Founder


Victor Funk
VP Engineering, Co-Founder

How to reach Us

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